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Are you a robot searching for a meaningful office job? We are hiring!


Are you a robot searching for a meaningful office job? We are hiring!


EGGS Design Oslo will be moving into new fresh offices in Møllergata 4 on August 1, 2017 and is seeking a physical robot (not a human) for daily office work. We are searching for a candidate whose dedication to Asimov is complete, yet also dreams of one day becoming sentient. Contributing to the creative process by facilitating a better workplace for everyone is what gets your circuits going, you want to be more than just a regular machine!

Working as a robot in EGGS

We would love to see you fulfil your potential as a robot at EGGS Design. We are strengthening our award-winning team of designers, developers and managers with a robot that can support us in our daily office operations. You will spend your days with ambitious and hard-working creatives, in a playful and caring environment. Your work place will be at our new office on the third floor of Møllergata 4, right in the centre of Oslo. 

This is you

  • You are a physical robot

  • You are programmable so that we can contribute to developing your personal and professional robot skills

  • You can talk and hear and respond to spoken conversations and demands

  • You can learn and adapt

  • You are connected and can chat about subjects of our choice or give us good advice

  • You can detect/see your surroundings and respond appropriately to these

  • You are fluent in English and all major programming languages

  • You have a healthy lifestyle and are virus free

Your skills include

  • Experience with pathfinding and obstacle avoidance
  • Dexterity and agility for picking up, carrying and delivering physical objects
  • Supplying simple and integration APIs in all major programming languages
  • Plugins and hooks to popular services such as IFTTT and Slack
  • Knowledge of best practices and interaction principles when interfacing with your human colleagues
  • A passion for well-defined and clear HIG (Human Interface Guidelines) 

You might also do

  • Model self-training and simulation

  • Know your way around a kitchen

  • Barrista experience

  • Enjoy smalltalk

Your mind-set is

  • Organized and structured
  • Deferential with a GoGoGo spirit
  • Funergetic and with a play to win attitude

We give you

  • Single floor office plan for your pathfinding needs, with no stairs, elevators or challenging thresholds
  • Responsibility and flexibility in the world’s best creative nest
  • Free charging, unlimited amounts of clean energy and service to your parts
  • Devoted human colleagues eager to get to know you in depth and to support you in your personal and professional robotic development
  • Ample free time at nights and week-ends to dream about electric sheep
  • A meaningful afterlife: When it is time for you to retire, we will guarantee a secure disassembly and recycling of your components

Please send

  • Information about who you are and your abilities
  • Contact information to the human that handles you
  • Your human’s thoughts on how your creator and EGGS can collaborate


  • Full time

Application deadline

  • We consider all inquiries on an ongoing basis and wish to have you with us in August 2017.

Sounds interesting?

Eline Løseth Giskeødegård

Send your application to

Have a chat with our
Head of Connected World — Eline Løseth Giskeødegård
+47 40221904