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Internships - Take an EGGSemester


Internships - Take an EGGSemester


We are looking for students who wants to learn from the best and have an opportunity to work on projects with actual customers and real effect. Professionals and students have everything to learn from each other. In the creative industry we crave new impulses, young enthusiasm, idealism and drive.

Are you the one we are looking for?

  • You are a design student of digital, product or service design

  • As a minimum you have completed Bachelor’s degree

  • You can take a year off studies between the 4th and 5th year of your degree

  • Students associated with a particular field of expertise are favoured.

  • Students writing a Masters within one of EGGS focus areas will be prioritised (for example Ocean Tech or Health)

  • You have an excellent academic record

  • You are positive and enthusiastic, a personality that fits in with the culture of EGGS Design

  • EGGS does not offer intern positions to designers who have completed their Masters. Please see if we have a vacant Junior position.

At EGGS Design interns are

  • Considered equal employees

  • Included in all social activities

  • Introduced to EGGS through a dedicated on-boarding program

  • Have a dedicated mentor in EGGS that will guides you throughout your work semester. 

As an intern you will

  • Work full-time during a whole semester

  • Work hours are the same as ordinary employees of EGGS

  • Get a competitive salary

Please send

  • Your CV

  • Your portfolio

  • Your letter of motivation

Application deadline

  • We review applications on an ongoing basis.


EGGS does not have summer jobs.

Sounds interesting?

Marte Grevsgard

Send your application to

Have a chat with our
Regional Director — Marte Grevsgard
+47 91774683