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A young boy holding a bird's nest points at a picture of a bird on a classroom wall.


A young boy holding a bird's nest points at a picture of a bird on a classroom wall.

This photo of a young boy is a great example of the art of understanding, capturing, and visualising life. At EGGS, we carry this tradition into design of innovative products and services. We bring Life to Ideas, and Ideas to Life. (Photo by Keystone View/FPG/Getty Images)

Image of a young boy holding a bird's nest while pointing at a picture of a bird on a classroom wall.

About EGGS

EGGS Design is a multidisciplinary design consultancy housing Scandinavia’s widest design competence, with expertise in technology and in designing digital and physical products and services. Our approach is people and business centric.

Creating value with design

Together with our clients, we innovate and create the magic between hardware, software and services to create attractive and intuitive solutions. We love projects with high complexity and we cherish the relief in our clients’ eyes when simplification happens. 

EGGS Loft - designers at work

Photo: Thomas Ekström

Design to many industries

We have extensive experience and competence in bringing success by design and technology to companies and their customers in industries such as health, bank & finance, retail, consumer goods, ocean technology, connected world and public services. EGGS Design brings life to ideas!  

EGGS' approach to the Ocean Industries
EGGS' approach to Health

Creative and analytical people

We are 70 creative souls with offices in Oslo, Trondheim and Stavanger and Curitiba, Brazil. Our employees come from 15 different nationalities and form a multicultural creative hub. We thrive on our diversity both culturally and academically. A holistic design approach is the most effective way to drive meaningful and valuable change. This is what we do.

Design-driven Innovation

With people and stakeholders in focus we deliver business tools to foster innovation and new business opportunities from the existing competence of your organisation. In collaboration with our clients we help develop customer centric innovations.

EGGS Service Design and Design driven innovation in action

Photo: Thomas Ekström

Digital Design

Ensuring excellent usability and user experience we create smart, engaging, and interactive interfaces for all types of systems, screens and devices. We get a kick from creating interactions that the users love and provide long lasting solutions to our customers’ needs. 

Creative Technology

Successful application of new technology is about leveraging insight and bridging the gaps; the physical and the digital, the impossible and the feasible, the useless and the useful. We strive to enrich digital solutions with relevant technology in all stages of the innovation processes, resulting in new and relevant technology for today and tomorrows users.

EGGS Creative tech

Photo: Thomas Ekström

Product Design

Based on user insight we turn ideas or existing products into new concepts and tangible inventions to cater for the user’s unmet needs. We provide aesthetics, functionality, usability, technology and business sense to deliver brilliantly executed and superior products to our clients.

Service Design

By planning and organising all points of contact between a service and people and stakeholders we ensure an engaging, positive and seamless customer experience. By first gaining empathy into the people and stakeholder’s situation and real needs, we design simple, attractive and user-friendly services.

EGGS Service Design - mapping the customer journey.

Photo: Thomas Ekström

How you will work with EGGS

The best results we achieve working in close collaboration with our clients combining our design, technology and innovation expertise with the client’s business know-how. Together we create the magic. We customize the design and innovation process to fit our client’s situation and needs. After all, it’s for the clients and their customers we are designing new solutions.


We involve you, the client, right from the start. Expert facilitation is required to understand context and challenges to address so that the project is started in right direction. Well begun is half done. 


We gain insight into the industry, users and stakeholders to find out where we can make the most impact and create value. We prefer to ask the right questions before looking for the answers.


We explore a wide range of options and start testing them early to ensure relevance and viability in the market. A great idea is dependent on good execution.


Our solutions are relevant and attractive creating value for both businesses and consumers. We bring life to ideas.